all the little things you do now…

You are my silver lining, honey.
Every night you want to sleep in my bed
You grab my hand and hold it against your face to fall asleep,
just like when you were a baby,
the same way you’d press your face against me in my belly.
I love watching your sweet face while you sleep,
your long sweeping lashes,
perfectly pursed lips,
so calm and serene…
I kiss your head and pray for sweet dreams.

Sometimes I let you sit in the front seat for short drives.
You love putting on your CD and playing your favorite songs on repeat.
And you’ve been pulling the mirror down to watch yourself mouth the words,
and you must feel so cool.
You are.
I try my best to steal glances without you noticing,
so I can soak it all in, but not embarrass you.
I am so grateful, being able to witness all these little things you do now…
My heart wrenches at the thought that one day this will change,
tears prick my eyes.
Suddenly I feel you reach for my hand.
I look over and your big brown eyes stare deep into me.
You must have sensed my energy shift.
Man oh man…you’re just like me.
And nothing has ever felt more comforting than that tiny hand…tiny fingers wedging between mine.

Im so lucky…
SO lucky…

Im lucky for every story you tell me…every joke.
Im lucky for how many times you wait outside the bathroom to scare me, and how, no matter how many times you do it, I never anticipate it.
Im lucky for how hard you laugh at me.

Everything else could fall apart around me, as long as I’d still have you. ❤

xSx ©