This is the story
of a brown-eyed boy
who fills the world
with light and joy

A gift from the Heavens
sent from above
healed Mommy’s heart
with laughter and love

His smile so wide
and eyes so bright
She hugged him close
with all her might

… and rocked him to sleep night after night…

She promised her boy
to never let go
She held his hand
and watched him grow

Through late, cranky nights
and diapers très smelly
First smiles (NOT gas!)
and laughs from his belly

Soon he sat up
then at once, he could crawl!
Marking the milestones
exceeding them all!

This story is about
my curly-haired boy
who fills my world
with light and joy

From little baby fingers
and toes so small
to a brave, big boy
who stands so tall

He runs and jumps
and climbs with ease
then bumps his head
and scrapes his knees

He’s smart and he’s kind
He’s handsome and sweet
He innocently befriends
whoever he meets

Emotionally sensitive
to another’s despair
His comfort, he gives
What he has, he will share

He’ll use his charm
He’ll joke and play
He wont leave your side
till he sees you’re Okay

… he’s the sharp, distant sunrise on a dark, gloomy day…

This is for a boy
who I couldn’t love more
Whose wit is Fourteen
Whose stature is Four

My first, precious bundle
once needy and tiny
now sprints the house naked
shaking his hiney

Nimble like Spider-Man
quicker than Flash
He jumps from steep stairs
and lands his Hulk smash

Each day its more certain,
the clock is a-tick!
Where does time go?
You’re growing so quick!

But slow down, my sweet
I want you to know
You gave my life meaning
just four years ago

You warmed my heart
and dried my eyes
You called me, “Mom”
and lit my skies

Beyond the mountains
beyond the seas.
Above those clouds
above those trees

Lives something sacred
and Holy, and true.
The keys to my heart
my love for you

I say these words now
before they start to annoy
when you’re a dashing, young man
and no longer a boy

When you’re dating and driving,
heading to prom
Strong, independent
and can’t relate to mom…

When you’re quiet and distant
and busy with life
Graduate college,
fall in love, have a wife..

Please always know
that this much is true
My hope and my happiness,
their reason is you.

This is a story
of my bright-eyed young babe.
Head full of wonder,
So strong and so brave

…so much to see, so much to enjoy…

and much to my fortune
you’re forever my boy…

xSx ©