Hey my beautiful girl
with big brown eyes and chocolate hair,
I know you’ll never read this
but its such a hard thing for me to write to you…
Ever since you’re little hand took mine
almost two years ago
and for two hours we sat
feeding a plastic strawberry to your unicorn doll
in my heart, you’ve been mine.
You were still so little
SO independent but
so scared to try new things…
You talked so much
I could barely understand your babble back then…
You loved me right away and
soon looked to me for answers and protection…

this is so hard to write to you…

you’ve grown up so much, my smart girl
you prove every day how resilient you are.
you go through so much and
definitely don’t get everything you deserve
I wanted to be that for you
to make up for anything that was lacking..
if you ever needed me to…
I wanted to be, for you, the person that I needed
when I was a little girl…

but everyone loves you, sweet girl, don’t ever doubt that.
I hope they pick you up and
carry you in their arms until you’re too cool to be held…
But if they don’t,  strong girl, don’t turn cold..
keep your heart big and caring, keep your eyes wide with wonder
and your head full of questions…

i wish i could hold you just a little bit longer.

i know things suck and
adults ruin everything….
as sad as it is, i take comfort knowing
that you wont be as affected by us losing each other
as I will be…
you have soooo much life ahead of you, you will soon forget us…
you will grow and experience beautiful things,
things i hoped to witness..
and i will be rooting for you,
and admiring from afar
as much as I can…

i love you, sassy girl.

Brandon and I love you so much <\3


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